Servo control for Arduino

Hi everyone. I’m looking to use my existing freezer as the cooling component of my ferm chamber. I intend to mount a computer fan behind a louvre that will move cold air from the freezer into the chamber. I’m looking at using a small RC servo, controlled by the Arduino, to open and close the louvres and turn the fan on and off.

This can be mounted to the same “device” function in Brewpi, but I don’t know how to setup the code to so when the cooling function begins, the Arduino commands the servo motor to turn 90 degrees for louvre opening and hold it there, then when the cooling function ceases to command the servo to center and close the louvres.

I’m not a programmer and am completely illiterate on coding. I only managed to get my Brewpi functioning on Debian through the excellent instructions of others smarter than I. I have seen several videos of setting up an “oscillating” servo, but not one controlled by the Brewpi control functions. Can anyone help me get going? Thanks!

The Arduino version of BrewPi has been discontinued and we will not bring out any further updates for it.
I’m not saying someone won’t help you code this, but it will not be an official extension.

I also don’t think you will need it. Just get some flaps that can easily be opened by the air the fan pushes through them. Let them swing open by the air, they be closed when no air is pushing.

I also recommend squirrel cage fans aka blower fans. Google 12V blower fan and you’ll get plenty of options.
They are easy to mount and will blow harder than a PC fan.

I was curious about the servo controlled method mainly just to play with the Arduino more. When you say the squirrel cage motors are easier to mount, do you mean physically or mount to Brewpi? I’m looking at several squirrel cage fans that put out only about 10 CFM and some case fans that’ll do 50+ CFM. Both are 12V and about the same price.

In any case, thank you Elco. Brewpi is hands down the best addition I’ve made to my brewery.

Easier to mount physically. You can just screw them to a wall and they’ll suck in air from the front and blow it to the side.
You’ll have less air leaking through when they’re off compared to PC fans.

You’re not going to need that much CFM I think.

If you want to easily toggle a fan with BrewPi, you can use a DC SSR (I just added them to the store, arrived today). For a cheaper solution with more DIY work, you can of course also use a transistor. Don’t forget the diode to protect your transistor against back EMF currents from the fan motor coils.