Setpoint unexplainably jumped

Not exactly sure what happened here but I have a guess. I was running a ramp down profile that landed at 68F, then I turned off the profile and tried to set the temperature to 70F. I now recall a dialog asking me to confirm the temperature as 29C / 70F. Not thinking in C at the time, I confirmed it. I also saw the carboy icon change to the 70F target. Next day I checked to see, it was at 84.2F (29C). Why are dialogs even asking me about temperature in C if I set the system to F?

Is there some log I can export to figure out what happened so I don’t do it again? Thankfully this is US-05 which is pretty temperature tolerant and I’m already 3 days into a pretty healthy fermentation, so beer is probably still good.

It took me quite a while to figure out what actions you could have taken and how you got a dialog with C and F values.

When a setpoint profile is disabled or when a normal setpoint is enabled, we don’t do any conversions or apply old values.

The only scenario I could think of for you to create this behavior is this:

  • You use quick actions to apply the beer setpoint
  • In this quick action you have a value in Celsius with a confirmation dialog
  • The dialog says ‘your current value is 70F’, please confirm the setting of 29C
  • You clicked yes because you interpreted ‘current value’ as the setting to be applied instead of the currently active setting


Things we can do to remedy this:

  • Clarify the wording of the dialog
  • Always convert values to the chosen temperature format. Note that it is not possible to create a value in quick settings in Celsius if the system setting is Fahrenheit. It is only possible to create/have it before you switch to Fahrenheit.

We don’t create a Quick Actions widget anymore for new users, because we made a better alternative.
To use it, create a ‘Temp Control Assistant’ widget and assign it to your existing PIDs and Setpoints.

I can confirm I am still using The Quick Actions widget. I had played around with the Temp Control Assistant, then lost it when I had to update through this twisted path: Ferment graph broke on update to 2021/02/25 release. I had been meaning to add it back but hadn’t gotten back to it yet.

That dialog looks pretty familiar. However, the other weird thing is that I’m pretty confident I entered 70F when I switched to constant temp control mode and I distinctly remember that the carboy icon showed a set point of 70F. The 29 F must have somehow come from a stale setting from my last fermentation. I had a Kveik strain fermenting at a constant 85F (29.44C). So maybe the 29.44 was rounded down to 29 and (for whatever strange reason) was used.