Setting a HiHi Temp Heating Element Trip

Trying to set up a HiHi temp trip to deenergize the RIMS Tube Heater. This is a new brewery following a fire caused by a pump failure and resulting RIMS dry element. I have a One-Wire sensor at the discharge of the RIMS Tube.

When I add a logic actuator to accomplish this, it does not allow me to select an individual temperature sensor, only a setpoint block. This seems confusing. Can you point me in the proper direction to accomplish this?


This is due to how the logic actuator is implemented. It uses blocks that have a value and a setting.

To get the sensor value, select a setpoint linked to the sensor, and compare “measured value”.
If you are only using the sensor as logic actuator input, you may need to create a setpoint specifically for this purpose.

I think a better solution is to use the temperature control scheme like the herms with a cascaded PID for control.
Let the mash tun PID set the target for the RIMS PID, so the RIMS element is directly controlled based on the temperature at the RIMS exit.

Also add a float switch that interrupts the control signal to the SSR if there is no water. A hardware safety switch is better than software.