Setting up devices

Time to ask the experts. I am building my brewpi and I think i have things right up to this point. I can access the Web interface and I see the script running. I can not see any devices connected to the arduino. Lcd on to left of screen shows dashes for temps. I can see a list of detected devices but nothing that shows temps after clicking show values and refreshing. I have checked the wiring and it all looks correct. data wire of temp sensor to the a4 pin. Pull up between power and data wire. Digital 5 and 6 go to the relay board inputs. Then the powers and ground hooked up to vcc and grd. If you want any info to help troubleshoot I will do my best to get it to you. Thanks alot guys!

I (and others I believe) have had similar issues assigning devices. If I remember right the cure is to reload defaults in the device setting screen, then attempt to assign them again. Hope that helps.


I had similar issues…
Sometimes resetting the Spark helped
Sometimes putting the probe into another port helped

If you are on the arduino, try: sudo echo ‘E\n’ > /dev/ttyACM0

I see to remember that allowed my device settings to save and not reset.

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There is a button for that now at the bottom of advanced settings.