Setting up OneWire sensors with BrewBlox

This should be basic but I can’t figure it out. I have (3) OneWire sensors plugged into my Spark 2. One for fridge temp, one for beer temp, one for basement air temp (just for fun). I can’t figure out how to assign them correctly despite reading the docs over and over and trying the Fermentation Fridge Wizard.

My question is: what’s the easiest way to detect or assign all 3 OneWire sensors with the proper function and titles? It seemed very simple to do with the old BrewPi software but I can’t seem to get it with BrewBlox.

Thanks for any help!

Are you just setting up sensors, or do you want to configure your entire fridge process?

The fermentation fridge wizard is the right place for that.
These steps give you a fresh start:

  • On the spark page, top right menu: remove all blocks
  • On the spark page, top right menu: discover new OneWire blocks. This should create your new sensors.
  • Run the fermentation fridge wizard. When selecting sensors, you can see the actual values. So you can unplug or heat them to identify which is which.

Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do (entire fridge process). It looked like my cold (fridge) and hot (heater) might have been correct but guess I’d rather start over and and do it right. I did not do the setup in the order you gave the first time through.
Thanks for the quick response!

If you end up having assigned the wrong sensor, you can also use the sensor swap action to correct this.


OK, everything went great.
First time trying to figure this out, I didn’t “discover One Wire blocks” before running the wizard. Also, didn’t notice the temps below the OneWire detections the first time through the wizard so I may have just picked something (either Fridge Sensor or Beer Sensor) and then I couldn’t figure out how to switch them. I can see now where the “Swap OneWire address” could help too but starting over wasn’t a big deal.
Thank you both for your help!

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