Setting up Valves with BrewPi

I recently upgraded and bought my second BrewPi system of the Spark V2 along with two valves and the valve board. I am however having problems figuring out how to use the valves. I am able to connect them and switch them open and closed via the Device List. I, however, want to have the system be able to control them autonomously. As in I plan to set up my system to control the temp via opening and closing a valves. How do I set up the Device List to control the two valves I bought? Kinda like an output for on and off

Thank you

I’ll leave it to @Elco but I believe at this point there is no control for valves to make them work autonomously, but it’s coming…

Is this the case @Elco? Is the only way to currently use the valve as a manual on and off switch? If so sadly I currently don’t have a use for them, but I am very excited about the potential.

I would like to use the brewpi to open and close the valves treating it as a “heating source.” So the system would be able to open the valve when the temp needed to be raised and closed again when it good.

Thank you and I hope to be able to use the valves full potential soon

Yes, that is currently the case.
The changes required to use a valve as a heating/cooling output though are not big. I will take a look at it soon.

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I am looking at doing the exact same thing, from a cooling perspective. Thank you for looking into setting up this capability.

Looking for this too! Thanks for looking into it!

Any news? I would like to use the valve together with the temperature sensor to control the wort cooler. 95 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius