Setting up Wi-Fi in HypriotOS v1.7.1

I just flashed the latest version of HypriotOS, v0.7.9, to my SD card. However, /boot doesn’t contain device-init.yaml in this version of the OS… How do can we set up our WiFi with the latest version of HypriotOS? A procedure on how to do that would be very helpful :slight_smile:

*EDIT: the latest version is v1.7.1 (not v0.7.9)


I used hypriotOS 1.6.0. The newer versions do not have the .yaml tile in question.

Are these the instructions that you are looking for??

Right on. From what I can gather, device-init.yaml doesn’t exist anymore in v1.7.0 and beyond. The BrewPi Wiki is written in the context of pre-v1.7.0 (as you’re using). For now I’m gonna format my SD card and try it with v1.6.0 so I can (hopefully) get back up and running faster.

This has been causing me issues too. I’m keen to use the latest version myself.

I ordered 3 new Raspberry Pi’s for testing. I’ll set them up using the new version and will update the wiki, probably tomorrow.

You might find it easier to just use the latest Raspbian image (Stretch) as it works fine. I did ensure that I did an update on apt and then pulled down the latest docker first though.

+1 for just using Raspian and pulling the docker package through the repos. I think it will be more stable, less likely to see configuration files moved around and make finding generic OS installation support easier. For our very low intensity needs, I don’t think whatever optimizations a docker specialized OS provides are really necessary.

I think you have a good point. Hypriot had its place when docker wasn’t support on normal raspbian yet. I’ll give that a shot and rewrite the wiki.
Will also make it much easier for users to switch to docker. No need to re-image.

I rebuilt my Pi recently and installed Raspian Stetch Lite (no GUI) and installed docker. A few items may help

Only thing I struggled with is the BrewPi container was getting access denied to opening the USB port for the BrewPi. I had to run chmod a+rw /dev/ttyACM0 to allow the container to access. I added it to /etc/rc.local but I assume there is a better way to do that

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I have updated the BrewPi container and the wiki:

I think the process will be a lot easier than before.
I stopped using hypriot and switched to Raspbian.