Setting up WIFI on Spark3

I am trying to setup the BrewPi Spark 3’s WiFi. I am a bit confused. Do I connect the Photon to the RaspberryPi, or to the Spark3? I think I setup the Photon for WiFi while connected to the RaspberryPi, but I’m not sure if this has affected the Spark3.

What do you mean by "connect the Photon to the RaspberryPi or to the Spark 3? My understanding is that the photon p1 is the chip inside the Spark 3–so you wouldn’t need to/be able to connect them unless you had dissembled the Spark 3 and disconnected the photon p1 chip.

That said, there are two ways to set up wifi on the spark 3/photon p1. Both require putting the spark 3/photon p1 into listening mode by holding the setup button on the side (might need a paperclip) for a few seconds until the LED starts flashing navy blue. Then the first option allows you to use the particle app on your phone to connect to the photon and configure wifi. Recently I haven’t had much luck with this. The second option is to download and install the particle CLI on a computer with a usb port. You could use the pi, but I usually just use my main computer. After installing it (might require digging into OS-specific instructions), plug the spark 3 into this computer with a decent USB cable (cheap ones might not work), make sure it’s in listening mode, use the “serial wifi” command with the particle CLI program (For me I type the command “sudo ~/bin/particle serial wifi” but this will be OS-specific) and follow the prompts to set up wifi.

That’s the general idea (as detailed on the wiki, but specific instructions will depend on which OS you are using.

If this is what you think you did while it was connected to the pi and you didn’t see any errors, than you are probably good. If the LED on the spark 3 is slowly breathing green then you were successful.

Hope this helps.

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Maybe I misunderstood. I thought I had to buy a separate Particle Photon chip to get WiFi setup on a Spark3.

Nope, from the product description, “We completely redesigned the electronics for the Spark 3, so we could use the P1 module instead of the Photon. The P1 is very similar to a photon, but it is made for product integration. This enabled us to separate the LED, USB connector and buttons from the Photon/P1.”

As such, the spark 3 has a P1 built in that is used both as a micro-controller and a wifi module. You can see it on the upper right side of the board in the the image below.


Ok, got it the Spark3 on Wifi, now for the next section it says edit
but I installed as a docker. Is
the correct file to add
port = socket://

Yes, probably. I changed the file within the docker instance using portainer, but there is supposed to be a mirrored copy of the file system on the brew pi and it looks like you found it.

You probably already know this. but make sure that ip ( is that of the Spark 3 and have your router set that as a reserved address for the spark 3 so it doesn’t change next time it renews its dhcp lease.


Thanks for your help, just checked on portainer, and I did edit the correct file. Already set the DHCP on the router for the ip of the Spark.
Thanks for you help!

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