Setup for brewing just alcohol - no fridge

I want to use a BrewPI Spark to just keep warm a sugar turbo yeast mix and keep it to a constant temperature, so no cooling involved. This is my first BrewPi project and I’m close, but I’m not quite there yet, so I’m looking for advice. In test mode the Spark shows the temperature fine for the probe and I have an SSR hooked up onto position 0 which I can turn on and off manually just fine. So I think the hardware setup is OK.

What I have set up on the web interface is a temperature device 0 assigned to chamber 1/beer 1 and the function set to be Beer Temperature.
Device 1 is assigned to chamber 1/chamber device, pin type not inverted and the the controller pin is Output 0 with function chamber heater.

No other devices installed.

In order to test things out I’m using a study room which is currently at around 27 degrees C (I live in NZ) I’ve then used the beer constant mode set to be 35 degrees. I know these are all wrong in real life - they are not going to be the real numbers as the brew room is a lot cooler than where I am testing, but I wanted to make sure the heater was turned on and off via the SSR before moving all the gear to that room.

What I get on the web interface top left is

Mode Beer Constant
Beer 26.9 35
Fridge --.-- 45

I see the same details on the Spark too.

I’m not sure where the 45 is coming from, but what I was sort of expecting was that because the beer (well room actually) was below 35, the heater would be turned on. But it never does.

I know this isn’t brewing beer, but any thoughts on this simple 2 device rig would be really appreciated.

In beer constant/profile mode, the algorithm automatically adjust the fridge setpoint to control the beer. The actuators heat/cool the fridge. The 45 that you see is the fridge setpoint, but because you do not have a fridge sensor, nothing happens.

Remove the beer sensor, by setting the function to none and then hit apply. Then re-install it as chamber (fridge) sensor. Then use fridge constant mode.

Thanks very much indeed. The terminology tripped me up :slight_smile: