Setup TD5 PWM pump

I am working on setting up a pump with PWM i have connected pump to 24 V positive and negative and the blue wire to a pin on Spark 4, I / O modules and a negative from spark 4 pin and together with negative on the pump, then i have set up brewblox with a channel 5v and as a Motor + and - then I have connected this to digital Actuator then PWM with period 1s and the link to digital Actuator, but when I set the pump to 25% for example the pump is going on and off in intervals, its not being a smooth flow.

250ms on, 750ms off is indeed noticeable. The GPIO module also supports a 10ms period, which will be much smoother.

I tried to put in 10ms but its jumps back to 1s

That is unexpected. I’ll have a look at why this happens.

Sorry, the Io module does support the fast PWM signal required by the pump, but it has not yet been implemented in software
I had to do other work to secure funding, which is now done. I expect to implement this in the upcoming week.

Thanks for the update, then I know why it didn’t work, I was afraid that I had the set up incorrectly

Any idea when this will be fixed in the software? The Spark 4 has been a great performer when connected to its own power supply. I have the brew pi pwm pump and it makes it very difficult to mash when pump is full bore. I now have to run pump full out but regulate the flow with the butterfly value for the time being.


When can we expect the update to be implemented?