Show Sequence Remaining time / USb Connection

Hello everyone,
Today was my second day of brewing with the Spark.
It works really great But I have two questions. I don’t have very good WLAN coverage in the garage.
The Raspberry usually had a WLAN connection, but unfortunately the spark did not. Can I run the connection between the two completely via USB?

To others, I worked with the sequences this time. This works very well. But what I’m missing is to Show the remaining time from a WAIT step. Is that somehow possible?

And sorry for the bad English, it comes straight from the translator.

Have a nice evening, thanks and greetings Michael

This depends on your Spark. The Spark 3 can connect over USB, the Spark 4 can’t. For the Spark 4, you can run an ethernet cable between the Pi and the Spark to provide the Spark with stable LAN access.

How to use a Raspberry Pi to provide WiFi for Ethernet-only devices, and how to use stunnel as a SOCKS server ro provide indirect TLS support · GitHub looks relevant, but it’s been a while since I set up something like this myself.

We have the information for time spent waiting. I’ll make an issue for adding a timer that shows time remaining / time spent waiting.

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Thanks for the tip with the “WLAN bridge”. With the following instructions it worked wonderfully:

With the one where you sent an error message came up when starting the isc-server.

Have a nice weekend.

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