Show Your Chamber Build

Here is what I just finished Saturday and did my first brew using it.
Have the Raspi and Uno no LCD. Using the Fastferment system on a Blonde Ale. Put a 50wt reptile bulb in it and had no problem getting it to 80f on a test.

Nice looking chamber!

I’m having a few teething problems in getting my SSR’s to work properly on my DIY Ardunio, i’d love to have used the spark but there just isn’t room for the display panel.

The Great thing about this fridge is that the area with the LCD actually completely detaches and the manufacturer of the fridge in their infinite wisdom run all the cable to the fridge through a huge hole under it that is stuffed full of blu-tac (british engineering at it’s finest)

I need to tidy open the opening around the LCD with some rubber or something (thinking and old bike tyre) fix all the workings to the underside side of the lid. add in a rotary encoder to the shield and add it to the front of the fridge, and build a skeleton frame for the inside, oh and get the SSRs to work properly.


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This is my work in progress…

Recently salvaged bar fridge turned into a 14gl BrewPi chamber. 100w ceramic heater bulb in the bottom. I had been wanting an excuse to by a stainless fermenter and BrewPi for awhile, the fridge finally made things a reality.

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