Sight glass for pots


I’m looking for a sight glass kit for my kettles and have not found very nice looking ones.
Most have these 90deg elbow on the outside with large washers.
I would love to have ones the look like the ones @Elco is making for inlets.

Any ideas where I would find these?

I’m not sure where you’re from, but I have a weldless sight glass with thermowell from BrewHardware. I’ve been impressed with a couple of their weldless, they are solid and don’t leak. I hope this helps.

those flex ones are very cool… thinking of getting some…

Thank you. These look better then the one I found so far here in the UK.

The flexi one is fun, but it lacks the clarity of a polycarbonate tube, a bit of a downside. I think reading the liquid level is a bot more hazy.

Need to think if I buy them from the US.

The flex one looks easy to DIY: use 2 hose barbs and a piece of flexible silicone tubing in between. The downside I think would be that it is not as clear as a glass or poly-carbonate tube.

The flex is pretty new. I have the polycarbonate sight glass on my keggle and am very happy with it.

I was thinking of doing exactly that, those inlet kits are nice and clean and I like the idea of not having glass or polycarbonate on a hot kettle that’s used inside the house.

Another option would be to construct the kettle attachments from the weldless bulkhead fittings, elbows and hose barbs. While the cost is almost the same as the inlet kits they might take less height and thus leave more space for the tubing. Any thoughts on that?

Another possibility could be to etch your kettle like described here. I didn’t try it myself yet but on this way you wold not have extra parts to clean.

Ordered them and they just arrived. They look very nice and solid build. I have not put them on my pots yet but the think they will look great on them.

Thank you for the tip.