Simple Interface Customization Help

I have my Spark v3 up and running. With the addition of a 2nd reptile tank heater, Spark is able to maintain my set temperature of 68(f) even with outside temps down to freezing so far. Very exciting. One last thing I am hoping to do is to change the name of the sensor that I have measuring “Room Termperature”

I haven’t touched the command line for about 2 months since I set up my spark and am not proficient at it. I don’t want to inadvertently mess up something that is working and working well.

In another Post Elco shared where to access that variable info. He said that the variable is located at: /var/www/html/js/main.js

The line I want to change is the Log 1 Temp and Change it to “Room Temperature”

cache: false,
contentType:“application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8”,
url: ‘socketmessage.php’,
data: {messageType: “getTemperatures”, message: “”}
.done( function(temperatures){
const displayOrder = [‘BeerSet’, ‘BeerTemp’, ‘FridgeSet’, ‘FridgeTemp’, ‘Log1Temp’, ‘Log2Temp’, ‘Log3Temp’, ‘State’]
const stateNames = [“Idle”, “Off”, “Door Open”, “Heating”, “Cooling”];
const displayName = {
BeerSet: ‘Beer Setting’,
BeerTemp: ‘Beer Temp’,
FridgeSet: ‘Fridge Setting’,
FridgeTemp: ‘Fridge Temp’,
Log1Temp: ‘Log 1 Temp’,
Log2Temp: ‘Log 2 Temp’,
Log3Temp: ‘Log 3 Temp’,
State: ‘State’
for (var key of displayOrder) {

Can anyone help with the basics of what I need to do in the command line to get to and edit this file once I am in via Portainer?

I know it is a basic question, but I don’t my to mess my system up with trial and error.

Thank you,