Simple question on Spark - RaspberryPi connection

Hey, just to try to make things clear in my mind before starting to assemble things. From what I read the spark, in my case 4, can be powered trough the rasp via USB. Can the data also be sent via that connection or it always needs for both devices to be connected to the same network, either via wifi or Ethernet?

Thanks in advance!

The Spark 4 indeed only supports network-based communication: ethernet or Wifi. (USB is used for debugging and flashing firmware)

Ok, that is solved. And what about the power, can it be powered trough the rasp? Just for me to figure out what layout would work best for my particular constraints.

USB through the Pi provides up to 600 mA 5V power. If you need 12V / 24V or have a significant 5V load, an external power supply is required. This can be done using either passive PoE, or 12V connected to a OneWire GPIO module.

All perfectly clear now. Thanks a lot!