Small Bug - Spark System Info "Name" Sometimes Switches

Hey Brewers,

I noticed a small bug now that I’m running two services at the brewery. When I switch between the block configuration screens of my two services, the name of the first service I looked at will show up in the “Spark System Info” block of the other service. For example, if I open up my BBT Spark service, I see “BBT Spark” in the “Spark System Info” block. When I then navigate to the CCT 11/12 Spark service, I still see “BBT Spark” in the “Spark System Info” block. If I refresh the page, the name will correct to CCT 11/12 Spark as it should be. When I click on the block, the information is correct for the service I’m configuring, so it is purely an “aesthetic” bug.

I have screen shots if needed.

Cheers y’all!

This is typically caused by the UI trying to optimize re-renders, and failing to catch the actual change. I’ll have a look at whether I can reproduce it. Does it still happen if the issue from the other topic is solved?

Hey Bob,

It still happens yes. Have checked on both and Ubuntu/Firefox and Windows 10/Chrome.

I can reproduce the problem here, and will include a fix in the next release. Thanks for letting us know!