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I’m not sure if this helps but i had a similar problem when setting up my RaspberryPi as the web server. The only way i could get it to run was to have the install in the folder /var/www/html/ if it was in /var/www/ it wouldn’t run. I only had this problem when i set up the Pi as a web server following the instructions given by the RaspberryPi foundation. After formatting and re-installing using Elco’s set up guide the insatll would run from the /var/www/ folder.


here is the output when i run "-ahl /var/www/

hope this gives you guys some clues!

thanks again



also, i now have the Pi plugged into an ethernet cable at IP address I know the error above that say the IP address is I am getting the same error message however, with the Pi plugged into the ethernet cable,



Ok, in

sudo nano /var/etc/apache2/sites-available/default

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default

Does it say DocumentRoot /var/www ?
If it says /var/www/html/, please change it.


when i type in

sudo nano /var/etc/apache2/sites-available/default

i get this response, no sign of /var/www/html




Ok, looks like you are opening a new file.

Check which files are available by autocompleting with tab. It is probably called something like 000-default


hey Elco,

i enabled autocomplete, when i do autocomplete after entering "sudo nano /var/" i only get a new buffer, here is a screenshot:

so it seems like the web directory isn’t installed?!

if you need any more info, let me know…not really sure what is going on



hey Elco,

so i re-ran “sudo ~/brewpi-tools/”

when it asked “what should be the path to your web directory for brewpi? [/var/www]:” I put /var/www/html

now, when i type the ip address of the raspberry into my browser, i can see the brewpi web interface!!!

not sure why adding the “html” works, but it did, any input?




Apache was configured to look for files in /var/www/html/, so I asked you to change the configuration to look in /var/www/

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default

I have given you the wrong location for the config file before, sorry.
Now that you have installed the files in /var/www/html, the default configuration works.


Hey Elco,

Now that i have the web interface working, the raspberry pi doesn’t seem to recognize the brew pi spark when i attach it via USB-USB mini cable.

I’ve read in previous posts that some USB cables just don’t work. Any recommendations on a reliable USB-to-USB Mini cable that does the job?



I suspect the USB connection is fine, but the connection between script and web interface is not, because it is not in the standard location.

In /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg, make sure you have the line:

wwwPath = /var/www/html


hey Elco,

i checked in “home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg” and “wwwPath = /var/www/html”

when i run “sudo ~/brewpi-tools/” to update my controller, i get this screen

and “unable to connect to controller”

stuck again :frowning: sorry for all the questions, but i am somewhat of a noob here…

I also tried the “sudo -u brewpi python /home/brewpi/” and got this:

and tried “ls /dev/ttyA*”

not really sure what any of this means, can you help some more? Where/how do i install the script?



Hmm, that does sound like you are unable to find the device.

If it is not in the list while you run ls /dev/ttyA*, that does sound like it is not connected via USB.
What is on the BrewPi screen? Are you sure you have fully pushed in the USB cable?


here is my brewpi screen:

i have one thermocouple in, i have pushed both ends of the usb cable in well


so i plugged the power cord for the raspberry pi into a different USB slot in my docking station, and now this screen pops up on my BrewPi

so maybe my power supply isn’t good? why would i be getting 2 different screens?


oh, and with new screen on brewpi, still can’t connect to any serial ports


Are you powering the raspberry pi from a docking station? Do you mean USB hub?
It could be that the raspberry pi and brewpi are not getting enough power.

Can you try plugging the brewpi into a PC and see if it shows up in device manager?


I am starting to wonder whether the latest version of Rasbpian has drivers for the Photon.
I will try a full re-install this weekend to see what’s up.


ok, haven’t other people already done this install w/ the photon? I can’t be the first, right?



good news! I upgraded my RaspberryPi power supply to a 5V/2A, and put in a “better” USB-USB Mini cable between my Raspberry Pi and Brew Spark, now the script loads!