Software update

Hello. I purchased my brew pi in October last year and due to a house move and baby have just finished hacking my fridge ready for the first brew this weekend. Quick question; has anything changed with the software in the last 10 months that would make an update worthwhile? I’m reticent to mess about with it if it doesn’t really need doing. I’m just using it for fermentation in a single vessel so not worried about the progress on the mashing side.

Also should i just leave the settings at the default values or do they need tweaking? I will be fermenting in a 7 Gal SS Brewtech cronical. I have a fan installed and an 80w tube heater.

Yep, I believe you may not have got the PWM update (0.4.0+). Essentially Elco changed the approach for controlling the heating and cooling. The upshot (in my experience) is tighter temperature control with heaps less overshoot.

Thanks for the advice, i did the update and it is controlling my first brew. I started it off with the wort temperature 3 degrees C above the target at 18:00 last night, it overshot to 1.5 degrees below the target but looks like it is getting close to settling at the target now, it is rising marginally above but we will see…

You can see the changes for the various releases here: