Solid State Relays - 10A or 40A?

I plan to purchase a BrewPi controller, 2 temp sensors and 2 SSRs to control my fermentation. I have no electrical background whatsoever. My question is, do I purchase the 10A SSRs or the 40A SSRs? I will be connecting this to a Haier BC112G wine fridge.
Any advice/thoughts are appreciated!

10 Amp there is no way that thing pulls more then 6 amps at start-up.
Also you can look on the back of the fridge or sometimes in the manual and it will tell you how much it pulls and used to run.

This is what the manual says but I think 10 will be fine it may pull more then that when the compressor kicks on but it probably won’t when running.

@omega3 Thanks for the information. I think I’ll go with your best guess that 10A will work fine. I’ve looked everywhere (internet, manual, back of fridge) and can’t find anything on amps for that model.

I have a mini fridge with freezer and it has been fine with the 10 amp

What is the power rating and voltage rating of the fridge? Work out max current by dividing power by voltage. What country are you in? If your voltage is 230V or 240V the current won’t be over 10A.

Someone was nice enough to send me this pic of the same model as my fridge.
Looks like the rating current is 2.0A. I’m pretty sure that’s the number I’m looking for.

Yes, i believe that is the amount of amps that the fridge will pull while running to maintain its current temperature.