[Solved] Add higher temperature then 30 degree Celsius?


I have my arduino build BrewPi (0.2.10) up and running, and as speaking I have 27 liter wort in my fridge for the second day. :slight_smile:
But, during the process and following the receip, I had to do some rehydration of dry yeast, boil some hot water, and cool it down to 32-35 degrees Celsius, about half an hour before the mesh was finish.

I was thinking of have my fridge warm up to 35 degree inside with a smal heater (200w), and there the water could be for some time while I doing my process finish with the mesh.

But, I se that the BrewPi only could set the temperatur (Beer constant) to 30 degrees Celsius, and wounder if it some place I can “tune” it or add/change in the interface, so it can reach 35-36 degees?

Then I would have a multipurpose fridges… :slight_smile:

All the best,


Go to the advanced settings, change the absolute maximum temperature to a higher value.

(Blush), thanks for the fast reply. :slight_smile:
I did see that choice, but didn’t understand it at that moment.

Hello, i have the same problem, but when i go to advanced options i can’t find the option to change the temperature max.
Can you tell me if it is possible?
Thank you!!!