(Solved) Changing Temperature with a cron job

I have been successfully using Brewpi for temperature control in a growth chamber on my nursery.
It controls a small heater and a cooling fan and after removing the built in delays for fridge motor protection and re-building the software it works exceptionally well.

I brew beer as well but plants need a separate day and night temperature.

Temperature profile works well for beer but is very time consuming to set up for regular day/night temperature changes.

I am wondering if the temperature can be set from the command line so I could then set up a regular repeating cron job or 2

You should be able to do that I think just by calling the python scripts that are doing it now. Just look for what the UI is calling and how it is passing the parameters and I bet you can hack it together.


Hi, all sorted.
I looked at what was being posted and saw posted “messageType=setBeer&message=26.0” to “

I changed socketmessage.php to suit with hardcoded temperature values and saved into new files that I run from cron.
One for the day temp and one for the night.
I had to change the reference to the config and socket at the top to suit the right path for cron and now it works perfectly.
Now I don’t have to manually change the temperature each morning and evening!



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Cool. Sounds like a great use

I have a couple of programable led grow lights that I can alter the colour and intensity on a schedule as well and combined withe the Brewpi the chamber has just produced some finished plants in 2 months rather than the usual 5!
It is well insulated with 150mm Celotex and the Brewpi handles temperature control really well.
The temperature logging is excellent for dialing in settings like cool air fan speeds.

My wish would be more temperature probes available for logging and control so that I could alter a valve diverting the cooling air coming from outside to a warmer source for the evenings automatically as the temperature drops.
Other than that it is pretty my perfect for job.
Well done Elco.