[SOLVED] Photon SOS Usage Fault When Connected to BrewPi

Hi everyone. I just recently received a BrewPi and I flashed my Photon with the 0.2.11 firmware from the feature/sparkv2 branch. My BrewPi booted up just fine and I was presented with the normal current temp and mode display. I then installed the BrewPi web application on my Raspberry Pi and that worked out just fine as well. When I went to the device configuration tab and attempted to refresh the device list (I had two OneWire temp sensors connected), I was presented with an error stating something along the lines of an “unexpected token C” and the BrewPi automatically rebooted. After several times of trying to refresh this device list, my BrewPi suddenly failed to boot and it kept trying to reboot over and over again. The Photon was displaying the red SOS blinks along with 5 blinks indicating a usage fault. Since the BrewPi was working just fine earlier, I thought that the web app wrote something to the BrewPi that was causing the firmware to crash, so I reflashed the Photon with the same exact binary I had originally flashed the Photon with. I am still getting the red SOS blinks. If I remove the Photon from the BrewPi hardware, then I do not get these SOS lights. It’s only when I attach the Photon back to the BrewPi that I’m getting the SOS error. Given that the web app was unable to get a device list from the BrewPi and the fact that the Photon suddenly and for no reason started entering SOS mode, I think I was probably the recipient of a bad BrewPi board, but I wanted to hear if anyone out here in the community has encountered similar problems or may know of a solution. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

This problem was not hardware related. I really recommend just using the dfu-util to upload the pre-built binaries available from the brewpi github releases page. Trying to build and flash brewpi 0.2.11 from the feature/sparkv2 branch to a photon running the latest code from the latest branch just doesn’t work. It’s a bit unfortunate that we can’t keep our photons up to date with the latest firmware without breaking the brewpi firmware, but for now it appears that we’ll just have to live with it.

/feature/sparkv2 is not the latest branch. Master is the latest stable branch.

Our flashDfu.py script will do everything for you: download the latest binary and the latest system image.
The SOS is most probably caused by the photon system image not being the same version as the system image used to compile the user binary.

When new firmware is ready, flashDfu.py will download it and flash it to your device for you.