<Solved (sort of) >Can only access web interface with iPhone or iPad

I’m stumped in trying to solve why I cannot access the web interface from my pc (site not found or timeout error occurs). Oddly enough, i can access the web interface just fine with my iPhone and iPad (script shows its running and all is well). Things i have tried so far:

  • accessing the direct IP address vs. raspberrypi.local
  • Two different pcs
  • Internet explorer vs.Google Chrome vs. Mozilla. Internet explorer will pull up the web interface but in the box where it would say ‘script running’ its blank with a red outline and i can not view log under the maintenance panel. Google chrome and Mozilla will not pull up the interface at all
  • Downloaded Safari for the pc but it wont pull up the interface either.
  • Cleared cache, cookies, etc.
  • Edited /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf - to remove html from the DocumentRoot line

Any ideas as to what im missing? This had not been an issue until i did an update.

Thanks for any help,

Update. The IP address changed which was causing the issue. I still dont why i have to type in the actual IP address vs. raspberrypi.local on the pc as opposed to the iPad. Weird.

You either don’t have it installed or disabled the service on your PC. You can install iTunes or just the specific (EDIT typo) software to test.

.local addresses are managed by mDNS, also known as zeroconf. You need to have it installed on the pc. Possible implementations are bonjour or avahi.