[Solved] SSR not activating

I recently received my BrewPi Photon and and have been testing functionality. The SSR will not switch on. The temp sensors and actuator are listed in the installed devices. I’ve set and started a profile. The touch screen and web interface show “cooling”, but the SSR is not switching on. In the device manager, it shows “Active”, but again, it is not on. I’ve gone into the test mode, and I can turn the SSR on and off through the touch screen. I’ve tried plugging into all the digital outputs in case I am mistaken on which one was installed in the device manager.

Not sure if this is the issue, in the set temperate mode, it reads “Temperature control disabled. Fridge will not cool or heat, but will still log temperatures.”

Any thoughts?


Grrr. Never mind. Just changed the setting to not inverted and issue solved.

Good day
I have the same problem . but understand the solution nich
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