Sous vide, an alternative?

Need to post this, as i can’t brew beer anymore…

After my move to Saudi Arabia, i discovered that it is very hard to get my hands on good ingredients…, hence fermentation stopped.

Feeling that my brewpi setup still needs to be used, i was wondering if i could convert the original set up into a sous vide configuration. One, or two, rice cookers on individual SSR, each rice cooker receives its own temperature probe. My question would be, can the software be configured to run minutes on a specific temperature, instead of days?

By all means, i’m not asking the developer to build a sous vide solution, however it would be great if the hardware could be used to do so… My idea came from this:


Why not get an off the shelf pid and a timer

Because i would like to use the Brewpi solution if possible…

I have actually been thinking about using my mashing setup for sous vide once in a while.

When pre-heating the HLT, with only minor adjustments to the profile it heats up with, I could get a perfect steak.
So I could get a sealed steak, throw it in the HLT, start heating. After an hour, take out steak and continue to heat, eat steak, start brewing.

Sounds like a great start of brew day to me.

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