Sparge Float Switch

I brewed yesterday and I battled with the Sparge the entire 45 minutes. I know there has to be a way to make this easier. I found some float valves but I’m not sure how to integrate them into my system or even with BrewPi? Any ideas from the brain trust?

I am not sure what you were fighting, but generally once I set my flow rate with a valve I rarely have issues. The biggest issue I have had is grain getting past and into the pump or valve. A brew buddy has the stainless coil that Elco sells and swears by it (we both run 20 gallon Blichmann pots). I will get the biggest one for my 20 gallon (70.7 L) pot, and my brew buddy says his wort gets good flow, clear faster, and no pieces of grain get through. However you can also look at something like the Blichmann sparge valve, link below, as just one example of many kinds of similar items are on the web. Oh yeah, I see no need for any control interfaces to the controller.
Best of luck,