Spark 3 actuators - Top 1 and 2, and Bottom 2 not working

3 of the 5 of my spark 3 actuators are not working. Only Bottom 1 and Top 3 are working. I tested the voltage at the ssr for each actuator. Top 1 records 3.5v while the others are zero when the actuator is supposedly active (top 1 is 3.5 regardless). Any reason this could happen? Any way I can fix it? Thanks.

Could you please open the enclosure, and take some photos of all tbe connectors?

Is this sufficient?

Yes, I see no sign of any damage.
When they are blown up, it is visible usually.

Did they work before? When did they stop working?
In the spark pins block, expanded view, what is the 5V voltage?

I honestly don’t know if they worked before as I have only ever needed to cool and not heat. In the spark pins expanded view the 5V voltage is 5.1

The only reason I discovered this was my desire to start mashing.

It is strange that they don’t work without any visible damage. How are you configuring the pins? If you move the digital actuator of a working pin to one of these it doesn’t turn on?