Spark 3 Availability

is it possible to pre-order Spark 4 before 1st of July?

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We stocked enough controllers to have no worries about availability issues on launch, and consequently have no plans for a pre-order scheme.


Is there a date, specs or price yet?

The release date is still set for the 1st of july, with the detailed announcement (specs, description, price, etc etc) going up tomorrow.


I am very excited :slight_smile: :relaxed:

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Today is 29th June… F5… F5… F5 :slight_smile:

I’m still processing photos and writing a bit of text to go with the photos.

Here is a teaser of the Spark 4 with 1 expansion module attached:


Very nice. I am looking forward to see the specs :+1:t2:

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I know information will follow, but does that mean you can attach another extension module to the first? Would it also be possible to place the second one further a way connecting the two with a cable? Or is it module directly to module only?

You can stack modules up to a maximum of four. After that you run out of addresses on the connecting pins.
We have no cable for connecting IO modules, but I suspect it’d work just fine for reasonably short cables.


Info on the Spark 4 is published, please use this new topic to discuss:


Who wants to sell a Spark 3? Please send me a private message. Otherwise I will switch by end of this week to an other system.

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