This is the Spark 4

You can read the full announcement of the Spark 4 here:

Information on pricing and ordering will follow soon.


This feels exciting as an upgrade from the 3. Will keep an eye out for pricing details I like that you can get the version with just the pcb as I don’t use the screen and it’s kept in an electronics box so don’t really need a case either

huge congrats for a huge achievement! This looks like a killer product :slightly_smiling_face: can’t wait to play with it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the idea how modules connect. Do have pads that can cover all the ports if not needed?

Thank you for shedding some light on your future plans as well. Looking forward on seeing the price.

Good point, we can print and include a part to seal the end.

Nice. Did you consider how to mount this or how it is placed in the end user environment? Could the module connection point be used to attach some kind of mount e.g. Wall mount, which has screw holes.

Using pot magnets like these works very well. I also use these on the back of the Spark 3, which is the purpose of the 2 extra holes on the back. On the Spark 4, they can be but around the existing M3 screws.

Here is a photo with magnets and a seal:

Have you noticed/experienced any ”noise” in io pins due to magnets?

Magnets that don’t move don’t generate a changing magnetic field and therefore no electrical currents.

True and clock in esp should be hardened and sensors are quite far away. Just waiting for the price then :slight_smile:

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So when will the software support end for the previous version(s)?

All Sparks share the same firmware, with separate hardware abstraction layers for the Spark 2, 3, and 4.

We have no plans to drop support for the Spark 2 and 3 while any appreciable number of them are still in use.


Great to hear, thanks for the quick response.

What’s the outlook on when it will be available?

We have the hardware in stock, but the finishing-touch preparations overshot their planning by a few days.

It’s a case of “any moment now”, while we handle things like content descriptions and store configuration.

I’ve read that the software for the Spark 4 is backwards compatible with the older Sparks. Does this also apply for the boards? Can they be used with the Spark 4 e.g. BREWPI ONEWIRE SSR EXPANSION BOARD

Yes, the SSR board still works.
The pinout is the same, but I left off RS-485 and 12V from the ports. I didn’t connect 12V to reduce the risk of damaging thins by shorts.

So the motor valve boards are not compatible, because they use the 12V. They would require a board that injects the 12V again. But these boards are discontinued because the IO module for the spark 4 offers the same functionality, but better.

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