This is the Spark 4

I have ordered and paid for a lot of parts. I am still waiting for the Spark 4 to save the shipping cost.
I thought the Spark 4 is available to order early this week? Can you tell me when will the Spark 4 be available?

“Setting up the store page” overshot our initial ~0.5 day estimate by more than a week (and counting), but is now mostly done. We’re aware this is incredibly inconvenient for everyone who planned around the original release date, so we’re focusing on getting it done as soon as possible.

We’ll post an update here when it is done. Our apologies for the delay.

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I hope this update will be this weekend :grimacing:
Fingers cross :crossed_fingers:t2:

When is an external power supply (12 V or 24 V) for Spark 4 required?

When actuators that require 12V/24V are connected. This includes pumps and motorized valves sold by us, but also anything else with a > 5V power draw, and a wire configuration compatible with the IO ports on the Spark 4.
If you only use 1-Wire sensors and 5V SSR triggers, then the USB or PoE power supply is enough.


To add to that: PoE is at 24V up to 350mA, so light motors like small valves can be powered from PoE.

Some issues came up which prevented me from getting the store ready this weekend. Sorry, I know you are all eager to get started.

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Yes, I will buy it without store.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I spent 2 days at the hospital with my pregnant wife.
She and the unborn baby are doing well, but as you understand, I didn’t get much work done.


Is there finally a new release date?

Good luck to You and the family! Don’t worry; we can wait, as you have more important matters to attend to.

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Since June 21, I’ve been waiting for the Spark 4 to be shipped from the shop with the parts that have already been paid for. If I had known earlier that it would take so long, I had looked for an alternative for Spark. I find it annoying that the Spark has been on stock for a few weeks, but not been sold.

Sorry, but I‘m waiting too long!

I understand. Events in my personal life turned my plans upside down.

I can let Felix ship your order without the Spark on Monday if you want, and ship the Spark later without extra shipping charges.

We do have the electronics ready, but not the packaging and manual. Firmware also still needs some work and testing. I’m trying to do those things while preparing for the baby and I am making progress, but not as quickly as I hoped.

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That would be great. I need a few additional parts (e.g. SSR). Please inform Felix and he can then ship everything without Spark.

Small (or rather big) update about the delayed release of the Spark 4:


Hi Elco,
Is there any news regarding the release date for the spark4?

Thanks in advance.


More delays? Are there any technical issues for the spark? To list the spark in the shop can’t be so time consuming.

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Is the new spark in store? Is it in a new store? I can not find it.

Any short response?………….

Short version: our planning got disrupted by both external factors and faulty estimates, leaving us in a somewhat awkward “any moment now” state of affairs.

We’re putting the finishing touches to software, and when it’s done we’ll enable the store page and announce it here and in Discord.


Thanks, but that doesn’t sound very soon and it’s been announced for a few months. I’ll stick with my Craftbeerpi and update to version 4.

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