Why the Spark 4 is late... It's a girl!

Hey Guys,

The official release of the Spark 4 has taken a bit longer than planned, but I can finally share this is because another due date came a few weeks earlier than expected: yesterday our beautiful daughter Nadine was born!

Nadine and mom are doing well and we can go home in a few days.

I will finish the last few tasks to be able to ship Spark 4 controllers soon, but for the next few days, I think I’ll spend most of my time like this:

Thanks for all your support :hugs:


Congrats, man!!! That’s awesome!

A warm welcome Nadine and congratulations to the parents. :heart_eyes:

Congratulations - great news.

Thank you all! All 3 of us are healthy and happy. We can leave the hospital tomorrow. :smiley:

Oh that’s really lovely ! Congratulation and all the best for the little family.

Congratulation with your daughter Elco :wink:

Elco, you and your wife enjoy every precious second with your daughter !!! I’m sure I am not alone in saying " blink and eye and you are at their wedding !!!" Congratulations !!!

Congratulations! Nothing could be better!

Awesome, Congratulations :partying_face::star_struck:

I’ve created an account here (finally) just to congratulate you Elco!

No worries about the delays, make sure to take your time and enjoy every bit of it. The cliché is so true: It all goes so fast. I don’t know you, but as a father of three I wish you, your partner and Nadine (of course :wink: all the best.

Did I say to enjoy and take your time already?

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Many congratulations. Just remember the sleepless nights are worth it!

Congratulations Elco!!!

Ahhh thats awesome Elco. Huge congratulations to you all. I hope things went well for all of you?But since your getting home that fast, it sound as it went as It should.

Van harte gefeliciteerd! Congratulations!

Being dad to a 2 year old girl myself, I can say first hand that it is the best feeling in the world being a fresh new dad to a beautiful girl. You guys look great. Enjoy it and TAKE YOUR TIME! :wink:

Congratulations Elco!

Congrats Papa! Welcome to the world Nadine!

Congretulations - very fine! All the best to you & your family!

Congrats @Elco enjoy your time with :baby:

:clap: :tada: Congratulations Elco from the UK