This is the Spark 4

Is there finally a new release date?

Good luck to You and the family! Don’t worry; we can wait, as you have more important matters to attend to.

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Since June 21, I’ve been waiting for the Spark 4 to be shipped from the shop with the parts that have already been paid for. If I had known earlier that it would take so long, I had looked for an alternative for Spark. I find it annoying that the Spark has been on stock for a few weeks, but not been sold.

Sorry, but I‘m waiting too long!

I understand. Events in my personal life turned my plans upside down.

I can let Felix ship your order without the Spark on Monday if you want, and ship the Spark later without extra shipping charges.

We do have the electronics ready, but not the packaging and manual. Firmware also still needs some work and testing. I’m trying to do those things while preparing for the baby and I am making progress, but not as quickly as I hoped.

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That would be great. I need a few additional parts (e.g. SSR). Please inform Felix and he can then ship everything without Spark.

Small (or rather big) update about the delayed release of the Spark 4:


Hi Elco,
Is there any news regarding the release date for the spark4?

Thanks in advance.


More delays? Are there any technical issues for the spark? To list the spark in the shop can’t be so time consuming.

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Is the new spark in store? Is it in a new store? I can not find it.

Any short response?………….

Short version: our planning got disrupted by both external factors and faulty estimates, leaving us in a somewhat awkward “any moment now” state of affairs.

We’re putting the finishing touches to software, and when it’s done we’ll enable the store page and announce it here and in Discord.


Thanks, but that doesn’t sound very soon and it’s been announced for a few months. I’ll stick with my Craftbeerpi and update to version 4.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, it has indeed taken longer than anticipated.

We’ll be ready to take orders within a week. Last big things to tackle in firmware were done this week: over-the-air updates, easy wifi configuration and setup of the flexible IO pins on the Spark 4.

Final CE-test for RF immunity, emissions and ESD is on Wednesday. No problems expected here though, as it has been tested before some minor changes. It was planned earlier but had to be rescheduled.


Passive aggressive people are the coolest!!

Take that crap somewhere else man. These dudes work their asses off to give real actual support. Cbpi went dark for two years and left everyone hanging.

Active aggressive people are more cooler!!!:rofl:
What’s your problem?

You are free to use whatever platform you want. If you want to use craftbeerpi, you can.
I don’t take that as a threat, @BamBam.

We do work very hard and I feel do feel bad about the delays. But we’re almost there.

The Spark will be sold through the BrewPi store. We didn’t have time to set up a new store too. We would like to revamp it under the Brewblox name, but it’s not crucial.


Hi there. Can you guys explain how the screen is connected to the board?
I might consider to buy it headless, since I already do have a screen.
And how can I imagine the physical connection between the caseless board and the I/O module?
Just by the pins?
I would integrate it in my brewsystem next to the RPI and possibly not need the printed boxes.
Cheers, Klaus

A ribbon connector is clicked into a slot on the board. Be aware that Spark 3 screens are not compatible with the Spark 4.

By itself, yes. If you’re attaching the Spark to DIN rails, every module has its own clamp to prevent stress on the pins.

That’s why they’re optional =)

The Spark 4 is only compatible with the screen that is sold with it. The protocol and connections are not generic between screens. If you meant ‘I have a screen connected to my pi already, which is very close’ then yes, headless could make sense.

On the screen of the pi, you can display the web interface. That’s differentfrom what’s on the screen of the Spark 4, but the same information could be shown.

Thanks for the prompt replies, guys.
As always: an answer given creates a dozen new ones…
I will be checking your page regularly now for the detailed tech parameters (also for integration) of the new Spark, I am very intrigued. Until then keep up your good work.
Prost, Klaus