Spark 3 Display Froze

2 weeks into a fermentation, the display on the Spark 3 froze.
Data kept logging correctly and never showed any anomalies.
Relay control also kept working correctly.
Screen has remained frozen for another 2 weeks.

I will be updating software now.

Configuration notes:
Release 11/2/21.
Spark 3 attached to a Raspberry Pi via USB.
2 expansion boards attached to Spark 3.
1 expansion board has a few temp probes and a relay on it.
The other expansion board has a 3rd expansion board and a relay on it.
3rd expansion board has a couple of temp probes and a couple relays on it.

The display is connected to the board with a ribbon connector. It can happen that this connector becomes slightly unseated. If you open the controller, and press the connector, does this solve the problem?

Let me expand upon my description of the behavior…
The display was working fine, only the values ceased to update and held the current numbers.

The software update, flash, reboot, service stop/start fixed it.
Not sure exactly which one of the above fixed it, as I did it all in one go.

We fixed a bug in last weeks release that could cause system freeze.
It was a bug in the system layer supplied by particle that caused the system to hang instead or reboot on a serious crash. It took a while before particle accepted and released our fix.