Spark 3 Power Consumption

I’ve looked for this information and cannot find it anywhere. Apologies if it is staring me in the face.

How much power does the Spark 3 consume?

I’m planning my power supply design and want to make sure I get this right.
I plan to power the Spark 3 via the same USB cable that connects it to a Raspberry Pi 4.
I want to power Raspberry Pi with PoE, offering UPS.

On the Spark 3 side, I’m planning on 2 expansion boards, 3 SSR’s and 4 temp probes.
It would be nice to see a break down of power consumption by individual piece for future growth planning.

Thanks in advance.

My setup with 2 expansion boards, 4 SSR’s and 4 temp probes is powered from the USB of the Raspberry Pi 3, which is powered by a 12W USB charger. So in total not more than 12W.

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The Raspberry Pi PoE hat is capable of delivering 2.5A at 5V (12.5W) <- (this value edited after Timan_Rebel’s post below)
We are getting closer…

I’m using a 2,5A charger, so that should work… (2,5A * 5V = 12,5W, right? It has been a while :slight_smile: )

Yes, absolutely! Please forgive my math. I refuse to drink coffee on weekends to keep my dependency lower.
Thanks again.

The Spark itself will consume about 100mA without anything plugged in.

The SSRs and sensors will consume very little. This should be no problem.

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Hi Elco
Is or will it be possible to turn off the display completely on Spark 3 in order to protect the display from a text that will burn into the LCD over time, since all temperature readings are performed in Brewblox?

You can lower the brightness in the display widget.

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