Spark 3 Setup - good stuff!

Ok, I just got my BrewPi Spark 3 in the mail and I must say first and foremost that I like this thing! I like where it’s headed. I got it up & running in under an hour but I have a few suggestions to make setup “seamless”. I have a “Franken-BrewPi” setup now with a Raspberry Pi & Arduino. I like the Particle board much more! Good choice there. Only thing I’d say is pictures would be nice for a new setup. I inadvertently stuck a small pin into what looks like an SD connector while trying to reset the Spark to get it on my wireless network. By the way, while doing that I seem to have found a hidden “easter egg” in the way that it resets the Spark…continuously…don’t do that…no damage done though it seems, so on I went. There are two holes on the opposite side; these are the “reset” and “listen mode” A picture would be great so I don’t stick my pin in the wrong hole and do some damage by mistake.

Other than that, here’s what I love:

Love you’ve gone Docker for the install…
Love that I can set it up via my phone.
Love there are no more USB cables (Unless you want to).
Love the streamlined case + touchscreen and the fact you can see the Spark’s IP address.
Love you give instructions on how to make it a static IP instead of DHCP.
Love the sticker that came with it…I put it on my keezer…nice touch.

I have a chest freezer now with the old Pi/Arduino setup and when I get some free time I’m going to switch all this out. It’s been running great as-is but this upgrade has been on my mind for a long time now so can’t wait to get it going. Thanks again, good stuff!


Thank you for the kind words and suggestions :slight_smile: