Spark 3 showing incorrect temperature

My spark 3 is showing the temperature of 43F when it should be 68F If I switch it to show Celsius it shows the correct temperature of 19.7. When I switch it back it will display 43 Fahrenheit again. The sensors otherwise display the correct reading when selected in services.

This is on the Spark LCD itself? Sounds like a straightforward conversion error either way.

yes. On the spark 3 display.

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Can you export your blocks from the spark service page for when it displays wrong and upload that JSON file?

Here is the DisplaySettings JSON

DisplaySettings.json (783 Bytes)

and the Fridge Sensor
Ferment Fridge Sensor.json (197 Bytes)

and Beer Sensor
Ferment Beer Sensor.json (195 Bytes)

and room sensor
Ferment Room Sensor.json (195 Bytes)

These three show the correct temperature in the web application.

From the top right menu, you can export all blocks in one go. I’ll have a look tomorrow.

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (10.4 KB)

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I have what appears to be the same issue. I upgraded from the 2020/01/20 release to 2020/04/02 release yesterday and started experiencing this. I did have a bit of trouble updating the firmware (had to try twice), but it did report success and shows cd4009c5 (2020/04/02).

In my case, a temperature sensor (correctly) reads about 57F in the Brewblox UI and about 40F in the Spark.

I’m also seeing the same difference in temperature on the spark 3 display vs what brewblox is reporting.

I upgraded to the 4/2 release yesterday. Didn’t see this behavior before the upgrade.

Not sure if it helps, here’s my logs:

Same here. I made a separate thread yesterday, but now adding that post here:

@Elco @Bob_Steers
When selecting Fahrenheit for the Spark Display, the calculation is off.
Values show:

[(°C*5/9) + 32]°F

when they should be:

[(°C*9/5) + 32]°F

I have edge release 2020/04/02.
I cannot speak to earlier releases; never noticed.

That is indeed the bug. It"s being fixed in

We’ll likely create a release soon for this and other small fixes/improvements that have come up.

Just ran the update and everything is back to normal, Thanks for the quick fix!