Spark 4 one wire temp sensors

Happy New Year,

I was lucky enough for Santa to bring me a spark 4 for Christmas. I am in the middle of setting it up with a new Brewblox server. I have managed to assign the SSr control on the GPIO module, but am struggling to get my one wire temp sensors recognised. Any pointers on wiring or connection guide would be appreciated.


Normally, sensors appear as “New|TempSensorOneWire” block after you plug them in and refresh the UI / use the Discover Onewire Devices action. Is this not happening?

A drawback of OneWire is that if any device is faulty, other devices on the same bus will also malfunction. Try plugging them in and discovering them one by one if you suspect a faulty sensor.

Thanks for the response. I think that my main problems was determining which pins to connect the sensor too. Sorted now using a DVM to work out ground and 5v. Now showing up as onewire block. Are the pinouts the same as the spark3 - currently controlling the brewing?

OneWire pinouts have remained the same. The only difference is that the Spark 4 will never put 12V/24V power on a OneWire device.