Spark 4 power issues

I received my Spark 4 today.
Was powering it over USB and having it connected over Ethernet.
The system was disconnecting from the Ethernet quite often and suddenly was completly shut down (dead).
Now it does not beep when it is powered and the display keeps being black.

What I recognized as well before the system went black is that the two delivered ds18b20 had 7 degrees temperature difference.

Power cable is working well an an raspberry4.
Any hints?


Is the Spark recognized as a USB device if you connect it to the Pi and run lsusb? The VID:PID for a Spark 4 is 10c4:ea60.

If it’s recognized, try running brewblox-ctl flash to reset firmware.

If it’s not recognized, detach all GPIO modules, and try again.

It is not recognized (with and without GPIO modules).

For completeness sake, could you re-check with a different USB cable?

If that doesn’t work, could you please open up the enclosure, and take some close-up pictures of the board itself? That may show whether anything is obviously burned out.

Same issue on a different USB Cable (Power supply and PI test).
Also I do not see anything burned out.

That sounds rather dead to me, unless @Elco can think of something.

The temperature difference between the two sensors is strange and maybe it has caused some damage.
We have tested the controller before shipping, but not the temperature sensors.
I don’t see how this defect sensor could cause a defect spark though.

Would you like to send it back to us (including sensors) so we can replace it?

Yes, it would make sense to send it back so you could replace it.

As stated the system was not stable from the first start. As it is my first Spark I am a bit unsure if my comment regarding “disconnecting from the Ethernet quite often” was already the system rebooting. I sadly do not remember if it beeped each time.