Spark 4 service keeps losing contact with Pi

Good Afternoon,

My spark 4 service has recently decided to start playing up. It keeps dropping out and then Brewblox service shows red.

The only way to get the two connected together is to reboot the Spark. I have recently updated the system using the brewblox commands. This process completed successfully. The sparks is working correctly as it is currently controlling a ferment fridge and my kegorator.

Any pointers would be gratefully received.


Could you please run brewblox-ctl log ?

A common culprit for this kind of issues is IP assignment (DHCP) and discovery. You can try giving the Spark a fixed DHCP address. This is done using the router settings.
This may resolve the issue by itself. If it does not, add the --device-host={IP_ADDRESS} setting to your Spark service in docker-compose.yml.

Good Evening,

thanks for the quick assist. I have run the command for the logs as requested

I have had a quick look and there are a number of what look like issues with the spark 4. It will all make probable sense to you though.


It looks like the connection gets closed immediately. A good first check is still what I suggested above: give the spark a static DHCP lease, and see whether it stabilizes.

Thanks for the update. I have given the Spark a static IP address in the router. I have also moved it to a wired connection on to the network. I will monitor it for a few days to see if it settles down. I do not know why it suddenly started playing up. Can the spark have two ip addresses? One for the ethernet port and one for the wifi or are they exclusive?

The ethernet and wifi network interfaces on the Spark have separate addresses, but we shut down wifi if ethernet is connected.