Spark Case causing White Screen

I am having trouble with my BrewPi Spark in the BrewPi case. It looks like the case is touching the screen and hanging the boot up process.

If I take the BrewPi Spark out of the case it works fine.

@Elco have you seen this? Is there anything easy to do before taking my Dremel to the case?



I haven’t heard of holding down the touch screen causing a white screen. It can cause the firmware to stay stuck in touch screen calibration though. Maybe one of the pins is not making good contact when the case presses against the screen. You could try bending the pins a bit.

Hi Folks,

I have the same, a unresponsive screen,
bought the brewpi in october this year and after one fermentation i discovered that the timer was not running anymore…rebooted and it getting even worser… so i’ve checked this forum.
the spark is running on the webinterface and after reading a couple of post about white screens i’ve decided to upgrade the firmware to 0.5.3 rc3, still screen not working…… now it stucks in the bootscreen with the brewpi logo and the message " touch screen to re-calibrate screen" nothing worked off/on again…. couple of times rebooted the system including the raspberry pi and even check for bad connections on the circuitboard….
In my opinion it could only be a hardware issue of the touch screen…

Maurice, what is the status LED showing (color and pattern)?

The status led showing green, at boot up led color is changing from white to green fast flashing to green breathing… i can reach the brewpi via the webserver and the controls are working, only display is not responding. At this moment it’s a white screen. I did in the mean time another power off/on.

Ok, this is a Spark V2, right? I think the display needs to be replaced. I still have them and I can send you a new one. Please send me the address in a PM. It’s not hard to replace, so you can do it yourself. You will only need a screwdriver.

It is the spark 3 version.

Hi Elco, you have a PM…