Spark Core Display Replacement

What is the part number for the LCD that comes with the Spark Cores purchased through the store? Mine has 2 lines thought the display and I’d like to order a replacement. Also, is there a US friendly ordering site?

I can ship you a new one in a well protected envelope. Then the postage is low and you will have the required extra long custom headers.

That would be great, thanks.

I broke my lcd by mistake. It works but has a crack. How do i order a new one? And maybe a photon as upgrade aswell.

Did you send the replacement yet?

Guess I didn’t?
I have added a replacement display to the store:

They have customized it for me to have extra long headers. If you buy the regular version, it won’t work with the BrewPi board. If the display was broken on arrival, contact me for a free replacement instead of ordering.

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