Spark loses Wifi IP Address

Now that I have my Spark 3 / BrewBlox setup working (Thanks Bob) I’m running into an issue after 36 hours or so where my Spark loses it’s IP Address and displays on the screen instead of the actual address.
BrewBlox loses connection to the Spark and I have to power cycle the spark to get the Wifi IP address back.

The Spark appears to be functioning normally from a temp perspective as all 3 probes are displaying a temp and will change if the temperature varies in any way.

I see from the thread Spark v3 drops wifi that this might be a Spark firmware issue. Do I need to update the firmware to a version that has this fix?

Thanks in advance


We automatically update the system firmware every time the BrewBlox firmware is updated, and haven’t fixed any Wifi reconnect bugs the last few weeks.

The timing suggests it may be caused by the DHCP lease expiring. Does your Spark have a static DHCP lease configured in your router?

Not at this stage but that should be easy to organise.
I’ll set one up and take a look at the lease timings to see if they are related.

Setup and new DHCP lease for a longer time and it seems to be holding steady for now.
Will update if it happens again.

Update. In the last hour the Spark has reverted to an IP Address of
I might set are really short lease time on my switch and get a debug of what it see’s the spark is doing.
Will report back.

You could also check the graph for wifi signal strength, see what’s happening there.

In combination with mDNS not working, I’m inclined to believe the router and spark have some protocol / configuration mismatch, but that doesn’t tell us whether that can be solved in Spark firmware, or router settings.

Ok where do I find that? (Wifi signal strength graph).
I’ll take a look at my network setup and see what I can find on the mDNS side of things.
I have a FortiNet switch so any internal network traffic won’t hit my router / firewall until it needs to get to the internet so hopefully that doesn’t play a part.
I’ll also look at the multicast settings on my Cisco Wireless controller. Can you direct me to more information on the mDNS network requirements as there are a LOT of things I can change on my wireless to do with multicast.

Thanks again for the help.

P.S. is it worth starting from scratch and seeing if I get the same outcome?
I’m only really just starting out so haven’t got a lot of things setup and I might be able to gather more information during the process.

In graph, you can toggle WifiSettings -> signal. Keep in mind the value is in dbm. We use as a dbm -> pct formula.

Your switch may be causing issues, depending on whether it’s configured as subnet. may help with checking mDNS settings, but I do have to admit the whole protocol is rather opaque. Admittedly, I’m not a network admin. Me fixing connection issues generally involves a lot of google.

Running the brewblox-ctl wifi command again may help, but a full reinstall is unlikely to change the situation.

I’ve run through the mDNS settings and adjusted a few things based on the page you supplied.
I’ll see if it helps but it hasn’t made a difference as yet.

As for the “In graph, you can toggle WifiSettings” There is nothing showing up in the UI at the moment (due to the data store issue?) so I can’t toggle much of anything.