Spark not keeping devices after reboot

I’ve got my BrewPi up and running on Wi-Fi, and it’s working great. The only problem is whenever the Spark reboots, all of the configuration is lost and it goes back into Test mode. Even if I try to pull device configuration while everything is running correctly, I get the following message
No installed devices found
Parsing available devices
Device list updated for photon with a V2 shield

I’ve currently got a beer fermenting so it will be a while before I feel comfortable pulling things apart to troubleshoot, but I was wondering if there were any ideas why my BrewPi isn’t persisting configurations between power cycles.

When the EEPROM is not initialized correctly, which is done by setting 2 specific values at the start, settings are not (over)written.

If you click the ‘reset controller to factory defaults’ button at the bottom of advanced settings, this should be solved.

Looks like that fixed it. Thanks!

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