Spark not sending script was working fine

Im pretty sure I messed up my spark. Everything was running fine and i went to move the Spark, i heard a snap and the power went off. I ended up breaking the USB connector for power and data. Upon inspecting the connector i found one leg had been popped off the board. I was able to re-solder it back to the board and it now powers up no problem. The issue im having is i cannot start the script, or connect in any way to the spark. I’ve tried to run the updater and i get

Checking current firmware version…
_ Apr 25 2016 11:02:01 Opening serial port_
_ Apr 25 2016 11:02:11 Errors while opening serial port:_
Could not find compatible serial devices

_ Unable to receive version from controller._
Is your controller unresponsive and do you wish to try restoring your firmware? [y/N]:y
Traceback (most recent call last):
_ File “/home/brewpi/utils/”, line 263, in _
_ result = updateFromGitHub(userInput=userInput, beta=beta, useDfu=useDfu)_
_ File “/home/brewpi/utils/”, line 76, in updateFromGitHub_
_ if “Particle” in name:_
TypeError: argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable

I also get this when trying to search for devices: Error while receiving device configuration: SyntaxError: Unexpected token C

Is there anything i could try, i’ve swapped USB cables no luck or do i have to buy a new Photon?

Thanks in advance

I am pretty sure you snapped the data pins of the USB connector too. I would buy a new Photon directly from Particle and then flash it with