Spark/Photon vs. Arduino -> Legacy Features

Alright so I fully understand why The Arduino has been phased out and at some point will become obsolete. (Discussion for anyone who’s interested) No complaints here.

Did some system updates today and saw that I needed to change my Branch to [Legacy] to update for my Arduino (Worked Great, Nice Job yet again!!). Went fumbling through GitHub in search of some documentation of the differences with no luck. Can you point me in the right direction, or provide some thoughts on current and future features that will not be released for the Arduino.

To put it another way, when am I going to decide I need to upgrade to the new architecture? :grinning:

Thanks for the help, and the Amazing project!!

I don’t think it is fair to say the old platform will become obsolete since it still has its place. From a fermentation control perspective the Arduino platform is rock solid and will work for most everyone that only needs to control a single fermentation. This is where the two platforms start to branch out.

With the new platform the ability to handle multiple chambers and also control your brewhouse are really the key differences. These as far as I know are impossible with the older architecture due to hardware constraints so they will be missing. I know @Elco had said once that he and the team would try to merge some functions as possible, but I think those days are numbered. If anything I would expect the old code to go end of life soon as it’s now stable and really at its limits (adding more may hurt the platform).

To your question of when you wish to upgrade that is really something you must ask yourself; what do I need from the platform and which suits me best? For some the Arduino is going to be just perfect and they will not want all the other features, but some will want it all. Speaking as a guy who has them both I still see the value in the old.


can the Arduino be used for mashing? I’ve used it to log mash and chilling temps. I’d like to use it in a RIMS setup some day.

Not really. It does not have PWM.
I am not saying the Arduino does not have PWM, but our code for Arduino does not drive the heating elements with PWM.
The code we use for that on the Photon is too big to fit on Arduino.

I’m looking at using the Arduino Uno with BrewPi on a Raspberry Pi3 using Rasbian Jessie. Any chance we can get an updated install instructions?

For the most part the current docs should work for about 85-90% of the install there are a few gotchas in it but those are documented pretty well in the forum.

Two things I can think of are:

1 default Apache install location changed a bit
2 running updater script requires you to use the ask flag and then chose the legacy branch

I know this is not a blow by blow but with a little searching on this forum you should be able to get through it.


What instructions are you looking for? Do you have a BrewPi Arduino shield? As far as the actual rasberry pi install, there will be very little changes. If you need to build your own shield I can possibly give you some help with that.

I’m finding the Arduino Uno doesn’t want to program from the BrewPi web interface nor from the setup scripts in the legacy branch. I ended up having to load the hex file using XLoader. This made it so I can read values from the Uno after setting up the BrewPi Legacy branch. Now when I try to assign temp sensors and such, it says it’s writing the values but won’t stick so I can test the function.

Do a factory defaults reset in the advanced settings (bottom of the page).

And now I’m in business, Thank you Elco!
Now on to more reading and testing.

Thanks again