Spark Photon vs Spark Core


How easy would it be to switch out the spark for a photon once they are shipped?


Had the same question. Wondering whether to order a brewpi spark with or without the core as the photon is cheaper and more powerful but costs a fortune to ship to NZ. @elco have you managed to get your hands on any Photons yet?

Earliest availability of photons will be in June, if they are not delayed again.

Swapping out the Spark Core for a Photon is not hard, no soldering required.

Is the enclosure easy enough to open and swap the chips out? Will the software need any update, or just work as usual? What are the expected benefits of the Photon?

The photon has a lot more memory, both flash and RAM, so we can have larger more complex programs. We still have a fair bit of room on the core, but the photon offers plenty of room to grow.

It’s also half the price of a core, simpler to setup, and looks just fantastic! :smile:

looking forward to the photon arriving.

Just read through the Particle forum and looked at the new spec and changes for the Photon.

The brewpi uses pins A0, A1 and A6 for the Actuators on the bottom part for connecting ssr’s. I read that the Photon removed the A6 pin and shows now DAC. Has that an impact of how this Actuator can be used?

No, the pins can always be used as a digital pin. We did not use A6 as analog pin before and we will not be using it as a DAC now.

Thanks, good to know.