Spark Restarting


Spark is restarting again.

Can you also run an export of the blocks on the controller?

Looking at the log file, the reset reason is a watchdog time out. If the control loop has not had an update for over a minute, the controller resets itself to get out of the unresponsive situation.

Now to find where it was stuck…

Is the WiFi reception good? Are there any things that you noticed that were weird? Did you notice the LED color and pattern before it resets? What is plugged into the controller?

I’m on my phone now. Will take a better look at the log file later and will try your block configuration.

wifi has no issues in the location of my spark. I was in the basement and heard the restart beep.
I have the following plugged into the spark.
two lower actuator pins to run the heating and cooling cycle, temp sensors, powered through the usb port (on its own supply).

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (19.4 KB)


Have you had chance to look at this? Planning a brew this weekend. Obviously I’d like to use the brewpi to control fermentation.


Hi Lee, I have tried to reproduce it, but have not succeeded yet.
How often does it reboot?


Ran an update and it appears to be stable since 9/15 with no restarts.

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