Spark screen keeps going blank

Elco or anyone else seen where their Brewpi Spark screen goes white by itself? I’ve had it in use about a year now, and recently I noticed the screen goes white/blank randomly and stays that way until a reboot. The Spark keeps functioning just fine, and from the Brewpi point of view everything is good.

I just noticed this for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s happened a few times now, usually after a couple days since the previous reboot. I’ve had the system mounted and in use without any kind of changes for a better part of the year, so I can’t imagine it being anything related to my setup, more like the Spark looses control of the screen every once in awhile and needs to be reset.

Any thoughts or troubleshooting I can do?

This has been happening to me, too. I put the Spark Core in DFU mode over the weekend, and reflashed it, and haven’t had any issues so far. Frustrating, though…

I have had more reliability issues with the screen and I am looking for a new supplier for the next version. My usual fix is replacing the screen.

Send me a PM with your address to receive a new one.

I am also having this problem with my Spark 3, is there a way to fix it?.

Is it otherwise working? Can the script communicate with it? Does it read temperature sensors?

If it does everything else except display, I expect a hardware problem. Otherwise, a firmware problem.

Hello Elco,
Yes the script shows it is still running and showing the temperature of the sensors.

I have exactly the same problem as the original poster now as well. It takes multiple restarts to get going, or sometimes you have to try again after a few days and then it will start working again.