Spark simulation one-wire blocks are disconnected

When creating a simulated spark like described in the documentation I get a spark service with disconnected 1-wire sensors and extension boards.

For the sensors I found a solution by removing them and adding a new block “Temp Sensor (Mock)”.
Unfortunately there is no Mock for the DS2408 and DS2413 extension boards. I want to test a setup basing on this extensions. Is this a known bug? Is a workaround available?

I run brewblox in an ubuntu docker environment (not raspberry pi). The logs show no errors.

OneWire sensors always being disconnected is a limitation of the sim. The recommended approach indeed is to create mock sensors.

For DS2413 devices you can create the Mock Pins block. DS2413/Spark Pins are identical for your purpose: it’s a block that can be used as target for a digital actuator.

DS2408 as target for Motor Valve blocks are still missing. As workaround you can use a Digital Actuator as replacement for a motor valve. (A motor valve is a digital actuator that happens to need 4 pin channels).

Thanks for the support. It’s very helpful.

Just out of curiosity: Was this always a limitation of the simulated spark? I remember a simulated spark on a raspberry pi setup, where at least the DS24xx extensions were functional. I also could duplicate them with the export/import function. Maybe I remember wrong…

Under Brewblox, simulated onewire devices have always been disconnected. You can still import and export them.

The old BrewPi software also had some support for simulation. You may be referring to that.
Brewblox shares little to no firmware code with its predecessor.