Spark unstable wifi

over some time now I have been having stability issues with my spark wifi.
The wifi symbol blinks/changes rapidly between the to pictures bellow.
The wifi connection point is in the same room so i do not believe that poor connection is the issue unless it goes to another.
The LED pulsates/blinks in green
spark1 spark2

Is your router configured to use a single channel, or using some automatic mode? Wifi connection can drop for a few seconds when a router hops between channels.

still struggling, tried moving it to my 2.4 only network for smart house stuff, but no change.
It typically stays connected for 1-3days and then when it drops off i stays off…

It should attempt to reconnect immediately, but we’ll try and check off various items anyway.

  • is your router using the same channel? (A 2.4Ghz router can still use multiple channels)
  • also on the 2.4 router, does the IP address disappear from the spark screen?
  • when did you last update your firmware? (if you don’t know, please run brewblox-ctl log)
  • other devices have no connection problems?
  • does the Spark reconnect when rebooted?

seems like I failed to move network the first time but no i have manage.

  • The connection point closest to the spark seems to be stable at channel 6
  • No the IP address stays, but the wifi symbol blinks as in the pictures
    I have tried to update the firmware as late as this week, and I believe it was successful
    log here:
    *No all other wifi units (14 of them) is stable
  • Yes, and normally stays online for a day or two…

Also believe this problem started some time after summer, were it had been stable for a long time, no other changes to my network setup than moving a access point closer to were the spark is located.

I run a full unifi setup for my network.

Seems stable, or is configured to be stable?

Logs show multiple occasions where the controller responds after timeout was triggered. We earlier saw this behavior during slow channel hops, but that’s not the only possible explanation.

@Elco this may be worth looking into on firmware side.